The creation of a literary work
Writing is a talent that can be both therapeutic as well as a joy not only for the author, but also for the readers who have the privilege of reading the author’s work. The gift of writing can be channeled in many different ways. Some prefer to give release to their creative thinking in the form of poetry. Others might prefer weaving short stories that can be both captivating as well as eye-opening. For some, writing entails forging a thrilling novel that has the reader glued to its pages till the last page in turned, the last chapter read and the reader is left thirsting for more. Some even use their writing skills to pen lyrics for music. Others might use this gift to convey the subject of their research, express their findings and disseminate knowledge. Whatever the end result might be, long hours of hard work, researching, writing, editing and fine tuning go into a single piece of writing.

Know your rights
The lyrics that you might find yourself humming all day or the novel you wish was never ending because you feel strangely bereft after having read the book as you miss the vibrant characters, are the end result of someone’s hard work. The beautifully bound volume of poetry that you reverently hold as you breathlessly turn each leaf and devour the beauty hidden within its pages, has undergone a long and tedious journey before it reached this completed and beautiful stage. The initial stages would have included scribbling in an old notebook, throwing away crumpled up papers in frustration, jumping off the bed in the middle of the night to write down a line and hour after hour of patient proofreading and editing. Therefore, considering the amount of work that goes into these creations of literary splendour, it is crucial, that the authors, poets and playwrights are duly credited as well as rewarded. Therefore, if you are literarily inclined and enjoy writing, it is important that you know how to register copyright ownership for your creations. This will prevent your work from being exploited by others and will also ensure that you are rewarded in monetary terms for the work that you have invested in your creation.

Further, this will also prevent others from being able to use your work for unauthorized or illegal purposes. Therefor it is of paramount importance that you consult your lawyer on how to register copyright in order to safeguard your creation as well as to ensure that others do not unlawfully reap the benefits of your hard work. See this great Hong Kong lawyers.

Lay claim to the recognition you deserve
Therefore, if you have just completed a volume of poetry or if you are seeking to publish your novel, make sure that you undertake all necessary steps to obtain the legal safeguards that you are entitled to. As you have expended a lot of time and energy into lovingly crafting your work of literature, you deserve the reward pertaining to your labour and creativity. Thus, make sure that you protect your rights and prevent exploitation.